Safe Reopening of our Physical Classes

Welcome Back to Class!

To ensure that the learning experience at Mind Stretcher continues in a safe environment for our students, their parents, teachers and staff, we have implemented a slew of Safe Management Measures. These are depicted in the poster below.


Mind Stretcher Safe Reopening

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If your child is coming for our physical classroom lessons, please ensure that your child brings his /her EZ-link card or Smartphone along. This will greatly facilitate the SafeEntry scanning.


If your child is unwell…

  • Do not come for the physical lesson
  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • If a student feels unwell during the lesson:
    • He/she will be led into an “isolation” room
    • Parents will be contacted immediately to bring the child to a doctor
    • Area of contact by the child and the classroom he/she is in will be disinfected thoroughly


Additional Precautionary Measures

  • Should you require services at our counter, please schedule an appointment via our Online appointment system.
  • Please continue to make payment of the monthly fees via PayNow or internet bank transfer (rather than queuing to make payment at the counters).

Keep Safe & Stay Healthy!