学汇乐 is the Chinese arm of Mind Stretcher, providing quality Chinese enrichment for all our students and parents.

The objective is to create a distinct Chinese cultural ecosphere within Mind Stretcher so as to provide an immersive experience for students learning Chinese. At 学汇乐, Chinese is more than a language!


We offer five different programmes at 学汇乐。

Primary Integrated Chinese (P1 – P2) / 小学综合华文 (P1 – P2) 
Our Chinese course for Lower Primary students that helps build a strong foundation in the language.

Primary Chinese 4Cs (P3 – P6) / 小学华文4Cs (P3 – P6)
A weekly enrichment programme for Primary Chinese students.

Primary Higher Chinese 4Cs (P3 – P6) / 小学高级华文4Cs (P3 – P6)
This course stretches the abilities of our Primary Higher Chinese students.

Secondary Chinese (Express) / 中学快捷华文
This progamme is for Secondary Express students taking Chinese.

Secondary Higher Chinese / 中学高级华文
Suitable for IP students as well, this course caters to those of higher ability in Chinese.

Class Schedules

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Workshops & Seminars

We’ve also got a series of amazing workshops and seminars lined up for you!

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