学汇乐 is the Chinese arm of Mind Stretcher, providing quality Chinese enrichment for all our students and parents.

The objective is to create a distinct Chinese cultural ecosphere within Mind Stretcher so as to provide an immersive experience for students learning Chinese. At 学汇乐, Chinese is more than a language!

We offer five different programmes at 学汇乐。

Primary Integrated Chinese (P1 – P2) / 小学综合华文 (P1 – P2) 
Our Chinese course for Lower Primary students that helps build a strong foundation in the language.

Primary Chinese 4Cs (P3 – P6) / 小学华文4Cs (P3 – P6)
A weekly enrichment programme for Primary Chinese students.

Primary Higher Chinese 4Cs (P3 – P6) / 小学高级华文4Cs (P3 – P6)
This course stretches the abilities of our Primary Higher Chinese students.

Secondary Chinese (Express) / 中学快捷华文
This progamme is for Secondary Express students taking Chinese.

Secondary Higher Chinese / 中学高级华文
Suitable for IP students as well, this course caters to those of higher ability in Chinese.

We’ve also got a series of amazing workshops and seminars lined up for you!


Primary 小学

Interactive Reading Workshop (K2-P1)【乐读会】绘本导读工作坊

Interactive Reading Workshop (P2-P3)【乐读会】绘本导读工作坊

PSLE Chinese Oral Workshop  小六会考口试急诊室

PSLE Chinese Composition Workshop 小六会考作文集训班

P5 to P6 Power Up Chinese Workshop 小六会考预备班

Power Up PSLE Chinese Workshop 小六会考强化班

Ultimate PSLE Revision Workshop 小六会考冲刺班

Secondary 中学

O-Level Chinese Oral Workshop  O水准华文口试急诊室

O-Level Chinese Comprehension Workshop  O水准华文阅读理解抢分班

O-Level Chinese Composition Workshop O水准作文急诊室

Secondary Chinese Oral Workshop 中学口试面对面

Secondary Chinese Composition Workshop 中学作文高分大揭秘

Conquer Chinese Seminar Series 制胜华文系列讲座

Primary 小学

Build a Strong Foundation in Chinese

Get Prepared for PSLE Chinese New Exam Format

Tips in Scoring in Picture Composition

Secondary 中学

Smooth Transition from Primary to Secondary Chinese

A Holistic Approach towards Learning Secondary Chinese

Get Prepared for O-Level Chinese New Exam Format

Breaking the Barrier for O-Level Chinese Composition

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