Bilingual Learning Journey Programme (2 – 3 Years Old)

Academic Level: 2 years old (MS Discoverers) and 3 years old (MS Explorers)

Our Learning Journey is a bilingual programme that is developed based on MS Junior Campus’ 4  Pillars of Development Focus that consist of: 



With this focus in mind, this unique programme aims to develop children holistically to start them on the right footing of their education journey. The progamme consists of  Knowledge Journey  and Language Journey.


Knowledge Journey: A thematic-based approach to enrich children on their vocabulary though interactive and fun hands-on activities

Language Journey: Through the teaching of phonics and strokes of Chinese characters, children will build the foundation in learning letters & sounds and Chinese characters.


Knowledge Journey

Language Journey

Playgroup (PG)
  • Understanding the language use for the topic
  • Introduced to letters of the alphabet
  • Learn to identify letters and letter sounds confidently


Nursery 1 (N1)
  • Introduced to recognising topic related words
  • Introduced to letters of the alphabet
  • Learn to identify letters and letter sounds confidently


There are 2 sets of books each used for both the Knowledge Journey and Language Journey. These books are developed in-house by our Curriculum Specialists to ensure that content is catered to different learning needs of our children. On top of that, the books are written with MSJC’s 4 Pillars in mind to give the children a well-rounded learning experience. 




Used in the main curriculum, these books contain teacher-guided activities that will develop a child’s fine-motor skills, reading skills, character development and more. 

The table below is a summary of the various components that your child will learn when he/she sign up for the Bilingual Learning Journey Programme:



Bilingual Learning Journey is currently offered at MS Punggol Central @ Waterway Point only. Check out our class schedule HERE

Trial classes are available in November & December. Check out our Trial Class Promotions HERE!

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