Early English & Chinese Language Immersion Programme (N1 & N2)

Academic Levels: N1 & N2

The Early Language Immersion Programme features English / Chinese lessons as part of a cohesive curriculum. This language approach ensures that mastery of one language through the immersion and  exposure to a wide variety of topics and themes.

Our unique immersion programme is designed by our in-house curriculum specialists. Developed with our Four Pillars in mind – Bright Words: Language & Literacy, Bright Voices: Public Speaking, Bright Hearts: Character Development and Bright Minds: Critical Thinking, our curriculum aims to produce students who will grow up to be intelligent and socially-conscious citizens of the 21st Century.

Each lesson has clear objectives and activities are carried out in an engaging environment for young learners. Introduction of new vocabulary is infused through lively songs and interesting stories created by our curriculum specialists. Through our curriculum, children will naturally build the confidence to speak in front of a group and be good communicators. The infused open-ended questions and problem-solving activities will expand children’s critical thinking skills, inspire creativity and spark off imagination. Character development is also incorporated through dramatisation, stories and group discussion. Emphasis is placed on the demonstration of positive behaviour in daily routines.

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