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P1 – P3 English and Mathematics for Gifted Kids

PROGRAMME: Academic LEVEL: P1, P2, P3

In the 6 years since we started this GEP training programme, over 400 of our students successfully gained admission into the Gifted Education Programme (GEP).

Our English & Mathematics for Gifted Kids is a highly challenging programme that caters to students of very high academic ability. The programme covers components that are tested in the GEP Screening and Selection tests.  General Ability (IQ) elements in both domains (which are tested in the GEP Selection Test) are also included in our comprehensive curriculum.

High Achievers and gifted kids enrolled in this programme will boost their chances of successfully making it through the GEP Screening and Selection Tests.  Along the way, they will also invariably hone their analytical prowess to a high degree, be stimulated to think critically and develop their inclination to think out of-the-box in relation to various mathematical and reasoning scenarios.


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