Primary Chinese 4Cs / 小学华文4Cs (P4 – P6)

(Composition, Comprehension, Cloze, Oral & Listening Comprehension)

Through our Primary Chinese 4Cs programme, students will learn how to structure their Chinese compositions methodically, craft precise answers to comprehension questions and tackle cloze passages.  In the process, students will also master the use of Chinese words in the prescribed vocabulary list for primary schools. Under the guidance of our experienced teachers, students will also be exposed to ample opportunities to hone their oral and listening skills.

Students will gain a good and solid understanding of how to effectively tackle these 4Cs of the Chinese examination.  As these 4Cs are heavily-weighted components of the Chinese examination, acing them is crucial in getting an overall A or A+ grade in the Chinese paper in schools and the PSLE.

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