Primary Mathematics

Our Primary Mathematics programme moulds our students into efficient and effective problem solvers of mathematical problems in both school examinations and everyday life.

Not only does this programme help our students to effectively tackle and ace their Mathematics examinations in school and the PSLE, it also develops critical thinking, in-depth analysis and logical reasoning skills. More than just formulae and solutions, we encourage our students to investigate the mental processes required to solve mathematical problems through numerous heuristic approaches.

One of the key techniques that we will equip our students with is our MS Power Codes. They are a series of effective problem-solving strategies and heuristics unique to Mind Stretcher used to solve commonly-tested exam questions. These strategies are coded in an ingenious way to enable students to remember for easy retrieval to assist them to solve various problem sums. These codes will be taught to students in a guided and meaningful manner so that students can relate to specific type of Maths questions.

In order to ensure that students are equipped with problem solving skills, our teachers will:

  • Go through the examples
  • Do the questions with the students once
  • Get the students to complete the rest of the questions by applying the techniques and skills taught in class

Topical revisions, revision papers will be provided to ensure the following:

  • Reinforce concepts learnt
  • Prepare students to be familiar with the exam format, types of exam questions and the duration of the exam
  • 10 weeks worth of revision package will also be provided for the P6 students in the final 10 weeks of class leading up to the PSLE


High achievers and GEP students will be exposed to more advanced and higher-order mathematical scenarios which will challenge and stretch their problem-solving abilities to the limit. Activities such as cranium crackers will be used to stimulate the student’s mind. These entails the following:

  • Mind Twisters – Challenging problem sums with difficult and complex Maths concepts and skills
  • Maths Olympiad – Non-routine, GEP Genera, Ability type question
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