Primary Creative Writing

The pen is mightier than the sword.

In the battlefield of our Primary Creative Writer’s classes, this adage definitely holds sway.  Here, the harmless and unobtrusive-looking pen is the ultimate symbol of one’s writing prowess and is definitely mightier than a sword!  

Our Primary Creative Writer’s Toolbox programme is a specialised weekly writing course for budding young writers to hone their writing skills. Focusing on creative vocabulary, application of creative writing techniques and dissection/analysis of model paragraphs/compositions, this programme will transform students into profi­cient writers who are able to express their creativity and linguistic skills in captivating ways.

Not only will students in our Creative Writer’s Toolbox classes be able to maximise their chances of doing well and scoring A or A+ in their composition / situational writing examinations (GEP/ Mainstream) and the PSLE, enthusiastic learners will also develop an appreciation for the written word.  

Through our programme, we are confident that our students can pick up a myriad of invaluable and creative writing skills and transform themselves from budding writers into great ones!



Programme Coverage

  • Developing a coherent plot:
  • Diverse writing & literary techniques
  • Creative ways of engaging the reader
  • Thought-provoking ways to conclude a story
  • Appropriate use of figurative language
  • Varied writing styles and sentence structures
  • Dissection & in-depth analysis of various model paragraphs / compositions

If you are a Stephen King or JK Rowling wannabe, aspire to be a budding writer and want to know the secrets to great and effective writing, then this programme is definitely something you should consider.

Wield the pen and become the writer you always knew you could be.   Enrol in our Creative Writer’s Toolbox Trial Classes now!

Academic Tracks: Achiever (all levels) & High Achiever (P5 – P6)

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