Additional Mathematics

Mind Stretcher’s Additional Mathematics curriculum uses a spiral approach to ensure that each topic is covered at appropriate levels in increasing depth. As Additional Mathematics is a compulsory subject for admission to all Junior Colleages and most Polytechnic Courses, our Secondary Mathematics Department adopts a two-pronged approach to prepare students for the demands of the GCE O-Level. With curriculum designed by a team of experienced NIE-trained ex-MOE secondary school HODs and Subject heads and teachers,  we aim to not only build students’ foundation in Mathematics, but also stretch their potential so that they can excel in their Mathematics Examination.

At Mind Stretcher, our Mathematics programme aims to do the following:

  • Develop cognitive and metacognitive skulls through problem-solving
  • Develop proficiencies in application of Mathematical concepts and skills
  • Develop ability to communicate mathematical ideas and arguments logically, precisely and concisely
  • Provide opportunities for students to make connections of concepts learnt to real life
  • Provide positive learning experiences to inculcate positive attitudes and confidence towards Mathematics

On top of that, our Maths programme also seeks to address the following:

  • students’ difficulties in understanding concepts and abstract ideas taught
  • the importance of showing clear explanations when solving any Math questions
  • the need to acquire time-management skill when answering Math questions
  • common mistakes made during tests/examinations through error analysis

In all of the Maths class, students will be taught step-by-step methods to tackle the questions that are in-line with MOE latest syllabus. On top of that, students will also learn how to present their answers clearly and concisely so that they will know what are the essential steps they need in order to be awarded marks for tests or exams.  Students will also experience differentiated learning through ample amount of level-tiered (basic,intermediate and advanced) questions given in the worksheets. Students will be taught to understand the concept instead of memorising the steps. They will understand the logic and rationale, and learn easy-to-understand steps to solve any Additional Maths problems.

Timely practices will be given so that students can master the skill of time-management during their test and exams, especially the O-Level. In order to let students effectively associate and establish the relationships between the topics learnt, they will be exposed to questions involving 2 or more topics. They will also be taught error analysis in order to analyse the various types of errors to identify their own weakness and to spot mistakes on their own to avoid making them in the exams.

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