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Secondary Mathematics (Bridging to Express)

PROGRAMME: LEVEL: Normal Academic S1

This specially-crafted Secondary Mathematics – Bridging to Express programme is designed to help Normal Academic (NA) students ace the NA Mathematics examination in their schools, thereby boosting their chances of being promoted to the Secondary Express stream.

The programme adopts a two-pronged approach to not only build students’ foundation in Mathematics, but also to stretch their potential so that they can excel in their Mathematics examinations. It will be taught at a suitable pace in which the students will have the opportunity to address their insecurity towards the subject with scaffolded materials to build confidence in understanding difficult and abstract mathematical concepts.

With the innovative use of technology during lessons, teachers will model solutions and explicitly explain the rationale for using the answering techniques. Students will learn through hands-on activities and games to experience the application of concepts in real-life contexts.  Error analysis of assessments will be conducted periodically to identify and correct common mistakes made by students during tests and examinations.


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