Secondary Science (Chemistry / Physics)

Mind Stretcher Secondary 3 Science (Chemistry / Physics) course provides a comprehensive coverage of Upper Secondary Science syllabus that is needed to tackle the O-Level with confidence. We adopt our CREED approach in our curriculum:

  • Conceptualise
  • Relate
  • Elaborate
  • Evaluate
  • Driven Learner

To provide a wholesome learning for students, and ensure that the teaching focuses on the what (content) and how (process) of conceptual understanding the following are the teaching methodology that is used:

  1. Lesson Notes 
    • Comprehensive and easy to understand with definition, tips, notes, common mistake and interested facts highlighted
    • Covers learning objectives, key concepts, real-life examples and videos for clearer understanding for the students
    • Questions are posted to students for reflection and peer discussion
  2. Concept Papers
    • To end the chapter clearly, students will recieve a summary of the chapter to consolidate their learning
    • This will be done in various ways such as filling in the blanks, completing tables, mind mapping, corssword puzzles and more
  3. Practice Papers
    • There will be 3 practice papers for students to attempt
    • Practice paper 1 and 2 will have more straightforward questions and these questions will match the order of the corresponding lesson notes so that students can learn and practise
    • The questions for practice paper 3 will be an exam-type and will be more challenging, this is to prepare the students for tests and exams

Discussions will be held in class to engage the students and encourage interactive learning. Videos will also be used to enhance understanding of scientific concepts and spark student’s interest in the topics.

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