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Secondary Science (Lower Sec)


In this comprehensive Secondary Science (Express) programme, students will be exposed to all the key examinable components of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The programme is infused with various elements such as peer discussion, demonstrations and hands-on activities. Our systematically scaffolded curriculum helps students make connections of relevant science concepts in daily life. Students will be active participants in the process and acquire critical and conceptual thinking skills. Besides enabling students to effectively tackle their school science examinations, this programme will help them develop a deeper appreciation of many scientific principles and the absolutely critical role that Science play in our everyday lives.

The curriculum uses inquiry-based learning as the main methodology. A key is the 3-level bridging process to connect key Science concepts learnt at the three levels – Primary, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary. In this way, the students’ foundation acquired during their Primary Science years will be built progressively to accelerate their acquisition of new knowledge. Through this programme, students will be groomed to be inquisitive learners and be active participants in the classroom, thereby making our Science lessons an enriching and rewarding experience.

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