Reading Oceans

What would you do if we told you that we have a way to make your child enjoy reading?

Reading will never be the same again.

Get ready to surf a digital library which is as deep as the ocean!

What is MS Reading Oceans?

  • Learning to Read & Reading will never be the same again with MS Reading Oceans.
  • With fun 3D animations, interactive exercises and e-books which come alive, Reading Oceans is a reading tool that every young reader will most certainly love!

Who is it for?

  • Spanning 25 different levels & encompassing over 500 books in total, there is something for every young reader, regardless of his/her reading level and proficiency. 
  • From aspiring pre-schoolers all the way to kids in their mid-teens, there is something in MS Reading Oceans for everybody!

What are the components of MS Reading Oceans?

  • Embedded in Reading Oceans are 3 core modules an avid learner / reader of the English Language invariably needs – Phonics, Nursery Rhymes & Readers.
  • Rhymes, phonics, classics, fiction, non-fiction – you name it, Reading Oceans has it!

What are the key features of MS Reading Oceans?

  • Nursery rhymes and systematic phonics practice build learners’  foundation prior to reading
  • Carefully levelled readers
  • Hundreds of stories (classic tales, original fiction, high-interest non-fiction)
  • Supporting original illustrations and interesting photos
  • Wide variety of topics and themes
  • E-books and animations
  • Audio for every story
  • Interactive additional activities for each story
  • Downloadable supplemental worksheets for teachers
  • Fun incentives motivate students to READ, READ, READ!
  • Assessment through quizzes and achievement tests
  • Comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Wide range of information about student progress is provided to aid the student assessment process and to support teachers / parents

How can I subscribe to MS Reading Oceans?

  • The annual subscription fee per user for our revolutionary MS Reading Oceans is $360 (or just $1 per day).

However, it is completely FREE if your child is enrolled in our ‘Phonics & Reading (Weekly Programme)’. Your child will have access to a MS Reading Oceans account for his/her home use.

Develop the joy of reading, anytime, anywhere at absolutely zero cost!

That’s fantastic! How do I sign up or find out more?

  • To download the complete MS Reading Oceans brochure, click here.
  • You may also visit the nearest Mind Stretcher centre to enquire more or to sign up.

  • Mind Stretcher / Mind Stretcher Junior Campus / Xue Hui Le 学汇乐 students can subscribe to Reading Oceans at 25% discount off the list price. At $270 per year or just $0.74 per day, this special price is GREAT value-for-money!