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6 Reasons Why The Arts Can Make Your Child Smarter

With the vibrant arts scene developing rapidly in Singapore ever since the establishment of the Esplanade and the rise of arts festivals in Singapore, the arts has increased its presence in several layers of the community, geography and even economy in Singapore. In schools, your child would have experienced music and art classes as part of the curriculum. With the National Arts Education Award and Tote Board Grant from the National Arts Council, most schools have even gone a step further by incorporating an arts education curriculum comprising of dance and drama. Schools given the title of “Centres of Excellence” for the arts, also have Direct School Admission programmes for children who exhibit talent in the areas of the arts. It is clear that even the government sees the importance of the arts in your child’s development – but, are you aware of the reasons? Over decades, researchers have found that academic achievement is improved due to the cognitive processes involved when a child takes part in arts activities. Here are 6 reasons why the arts can make your child smarter:

  1. It improves memory
With its repetitions and nuances, music improves memory
  1. It improves motivation to attend school
At the end of the day, children would look forward to their arts CCA as an outlet to express their pent up emotions
  1. It enhances creativity and problem-solving skills (e.g. thinking out of the box, coming up with ideas, interpretation of situations)
Learning visually, while drawing and sculpting, develops skills in visual-spatial awareness
  1. It gives children an outlet for expression
The arts offer the opportunity for children to express their emotions, thoughts and ideas in performances, experimentation and even practice
  1. It improves language skills

The Trinity College London Speech and Drama (Grade 3) Preparatory Programme by Mind Stretcher, imbues children with enhanced vocabulary, articulation, intonation, expression and presence

Above and beyond the engagement, entertainment and overall satisfaction that it offers, the arts has definitely proven itself to provide tangible benefits for your child’s cognitive development. If you have not given your child an opportunity to participate in the arts, it is never too late to give it a try now; who knows, you might just spark the journey of a genius!

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