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Academically-inclined students should enrol in our GEP Prep Lab programme to hone their analytical prowess, be stimulated to think critically and develop their inclination to think out-of-the-box when solving problems and get a head start in grasping advanced English and Mathematics curriculum. 

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Primary 1 and 2 GEP Prep Lab

Get a head-start in the competitive GEP selection tests with our Primary 1 and 2 GEP Prep Lab! Students will build strong analytical and critical thinking abilities to tackle highly challenging questions in English and Mathematics.

Students will be equipped with essential problem-solving strategies and heuristics to solve Mathematics questions quickly and accurately. Detailed topical notes and practice questions are provided to reinforce fundamental concepts and test students’ mastery of the topic. Students will also build their tool-kit to effectively tackle English Comprehension and Cloze passages.

Students will get a head-start on the General Ability component in the GEP selection test, where they will develop verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills to tackle different puzzles such as word forms, pattern recognition, and rotation of images.

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Primary 3 GEP Prep Lab

Our Primary 3 GEP Prep Lab provides focused training for our students to effectively tackle the GEP Selection and Screening Test. Students will get the chance to practise intensively with our GEP test papers to hone their test-taking techniques and improve their time management skills.

Detailed topical revision materials will be provided to help students consolidate the full suite of essential problem-solving heuristics that are needed to tackle complex Mathematics problems. Students will also continue to be exposed to a wide range of English Comprehension and Cloze passages to reinforce their inference and deduction skills, and answering techniques. Finally, they will deepen their mastery of the General Ability component, as we familiarise them with common question types and the approaches to tackle these questions.    

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What our students & parents say about us

The Mind Stretcher GEP Preparatory Programme has helped me; for English, it has helped me with finding clues in the cloze passages which I initially found quite hard to find. But after my teacher taught me, at the end of the 10 sessions, I felt that I’d mastered the skill. For Vocabulary, I learnt about, a 100 new words from the GEP Prep sessions. Around half of those words were used in the GEP Selection Test. Without Mind Stretcher’s training I would not have been able to narrow down the options given in the Vocabulary section. The Math lessons were also beneficial for all the students as we were able to ask questions and interact with one another. For the General Ability paper, the question types were almost identical to those I was given at Mind Stretcher which made me feel like I had adapted to answering them

Ryan Mao Ruiyang
I attended the P3 GEP Prep Lab and the Bootcamp for both English and Maths last year, just about when the pandemic struck. I would like to thank Mr Andy for everything - encouraging us to try again when we make mistakes, giving us one detailed explanation after another and an occasional entertaining joke here and there. He was one of my all time favourite teachers.

Fan MingXin Olivia
On my very first Mind Stretcher lesson at West Campus for Math, I realized that the GEP Prep Lab curriculum was not a cakewalk. The topic tree planting was especially hard for me. However, I was fortunate to have passionate educators like Mr Din, my English teacher, who shared with me fantastic words and phrases that helped me alot in my cloze passage and Mr Aziz, my Maths teacher, who taught me terrific Maths concepts such as remainder problems. Without them, I would have never passed round 2 of the GEP Selection Test.

Jaydn Hu En Hao
To Teacher Shannel Thank you for teaching me! At first, I was very bad at Math and English. After you taught me, I became better and better. I am more confident in English and Math now.

Zhang Zi Xuan Audrey
Hi Teacher Varrick, thanks a lot for the sharing. So glad to know that Ruijie is doing good in GEP class. Sometimes he's kind of lazy to get started/warm up especially at the beginning. Really hope through the class that he could get pushed to achieve something bigger than he think of. Thanks again for your kindness in helping him during the class.

Parent of Shen RuiJie (Ethan)
Actually, we are just the first generation of citizens, so actually we are not English speakers. At home, we always speak in Chinese so his English is learnt from Mind Stretcher. This is the only English tuition that he takes. I think that really helped him a lot.

Parent of Wang Yuen Cheng
My son is going to the GEP classes at Grantrall Mall every Saturday. The course materials are good and he's learning new skills - so regardless of the selection test later this year, I'm already quite happy with this progress.

Parent of Jaydn Hu En Hao
When he first joined MS GEP class in Primary 2, struggled to cope but enjoyed the programme and he was determined to work hard. Later on in Mr Andy' s class and also in GEP screening camp, Mr Andy gave Larry a lot of encouragement by reassuring him that he has a lot of potential. Mr Andy' s positive attitude towards Larry's GEP prep has given Larry a lot of motivation. All students love to hear positive comments from their teacher, with no exception. Thanks a lot to both teacher again! We hope to benefit again from their teachings in the future.

Parent of Xu Ling Rui Larry
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Holistic and Timely

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