Primary Mathematics

Beyond formulae and solutions, our Primary Mathematics programme drives students to investigate the mental processes required to solve mathematical problems through numerous heuristic approaches, and hones their critical thinking and logical reasoning skills for both examinations and everyday life.

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P1 & P2 Mathematics

Our Primary 1 and 2 Mathematics Programme equips students with core foundation concepts such as basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), and fundamental techniques to count money, tell time, and measure length, amongst other skills.

Students will learn with the help of structured concept papers, which include step-by-step worked examples, and practice questions. Real world examples of Mathematics in daily lives are also included to pique students’ interest in the subject. Through our curriculum, students will gain confidence in tackling basic Mathematics questions, and better appreciate the connections between Mathematics and everyday life.

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P3 & P4 Mathematics

In Primary 3 and 4, students will have to apply the foundation concepts that they have learnt to solve word problems, and also pick up more complicated concepts such as measuring angles, interpreting tables and graphs, and finding angles. In addition, students will apply mathematical operations and measurement techniques to deal with larger numbers, and more digits.

Our Primary 3 and 4 Mathematics Programme equips students with the skills to tackle word problems, and break down the approach to solving a question in a systematic, step by step manner. Students will also learn Mind Stretcher’s Power Codes, which are our in-house problem-solving strategies and heuristics that can be used by students to solve commonly tested questions quickly and accurately.

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P5 & P6 Mathematics

In Primary 5 and 6, students have to gear up for the rigour of the PSLE mathematics examinations, and contend with longer and more complicated word problems, which require more intermediate steps. Students will need to apply higher order thinking skills, and heuristics to effectively tackle these questions.

Our Primary 5 and 6 mathematics programme will equip students with the tool-kit to achieve success in the PSLE. We reinforce students’ ability to comprehend and analyse the word problems, and deconstruct solutions into simpler, and more manageable steps, which students can easily understand. The full repertoire of Mind Stretcher Power Codes will be imparted to students, so that they have all the necessary heuristics at their finger-tips, to solve various types of problems. To sharpen their examination techniques, students will also get access to trending examination questions, and an analysis of commonly-made mistakes by students.  

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Secondary Mathematics
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What our students & parents say about us

Hi teacher this is Quintus. I just finished my math PSLE. This year's paper was easier than 2021 PSLE so I think I can score AL 3 or above. Just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me.

Heng Quintus
I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr Yan who has been teaching my son Math (high achiever) at your Clementi branch centre. My son had relate, he is patience, experience and dedicate to each of his classmates including himself during each lesson. Mr Yan was also able to spot questions ahead of his recent SA1 exam. He would also make conscious efforts to update me after each lesson on my son’s progress. Would highly recommend Mr Yan to my friends who are in need of looking for a good Math teacher.

Parent of Wah Wen Hu Addison
In addition, my Mindstretcher maths teacher always believed in me and she knew that I was capable of getting good score in mathematics. However I was weak in maths. Once again with my determination and my Mind Stretcher teacher's support, I scored AL2 in mathematics in PSLE.

Abdulla Arshad Ahmad
Dear Mr Ang, I got an A* for Maths in the PSLE. Thanks for your encouraging words and guidance. Loved being part of your Primary 6 Maths class Thanks and Regards, TARUN

Dear Mr Ang, I would like to thank you for your patience and guidance for me and the class this year. I was able to get the score I wanted thanks to you and Mind Stretcher. I got an A for Math!

Javier Kang
I am really happy to be Teacher Shannel's student as she had helped me to improve my Maths. I was struggling in Maths before I became her student. Teacher Shannel always explains the questions in a way that makes them easy to understand. I got 21 out of 25 for my test and all these became possible after attending her lessons! I really hope that she can remain as my teacher year after year!

Shivanee Bhaskaran
Just to give feedback on Math teacher-Mr Siva Kumar. He is a dedicated teacher and with patience. My daughter is very happy with his method of teaching and always gives good comments on him. I can see my daughter's improvement as well. That's important to me.

Parent of Nwo Jie Er Charlotte
Mr Yan is very responsible and responsive teacher. We are blessed to have him as my son's Math teacher at Mindstretcher. My son has attended his class since Primary 4 and he will be happy to continue his learning journey with Mr Yan for P5 and P6.

Parent of Chen Zilin
Thank you so much for always going the extra mile, engaging students and keeping them on thier toes. Sofia really enjoys all your lessons!

Parent of Nur Sofia Aleesha
Teacher Audrey is v dedicated. My son enjoys Math classes now and adore her.

Parent of Ean Tan
Mrs Foo is very dedicated towards her students. She will frequently update me on my daughter’s progress in P4 Maths. I like her being stern in class and is able to push my child to finish her work on time. Thank you very much! 😊👍🏻👏🏻

Parent of Megan Wong Yan Yun
Mind Stretcher challenges our capability, which deepens our knowledge. One example is Cranium Cracker in Math. After solving Mind Stretcher worksheets, I always find it easier to solve any Math problems. Power Code in Math helped me to solve all the Math questions faster and helped me not to struggle with time during the Exam.

Harish Senthilkumar
Hello Teacher, I am Samarth's Mother who is your student for Primary 3 Maths. Samarth has scored 100°/o in his SA1 and I wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to you for helping him and supporting his in this journey. His clear understanding of concepts and good grasp of the methods helped his achieve good grades. He really enjoys your session and wants to be very participative. I look forward to your continued support and guidance. Once again, a big Thank you !!

Parent of Samarth Kalra
Hi Teacher Carmen, Your responsibility, patience and super friendly teaching methods for Primary 2 Maths impress us. Looking forward to having you next year as well.

Parent of Mia Deng
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Tailored and Differentiated

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Mastery as a priority

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Holistic and Timely

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Proven A* Track Record

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