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Thinking of trying out our MS effective lessons in the comfort of your home? Good news! Now your child can attend Mind Stretcher lessons from your home with our online courses!

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Mon – Fri: 1 pm – 8 pm
Sat & Sun: 9 am – 6 pm

MS Closure Day* & Public Holiday: Closed
*Chinese New Year’s Eve

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Why MS Online

Real-time online teaching by Mind Stretcher’s experienced teachers
Convenient and time-efficient
Interactive and engaging lessons for students to focus

Journey through our MS Online class

Tailored Curriculum
Our online classes are tailored to engage and interact with students with the same level of rigour.

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Logging In
Post-registration, an email containing the lesson details will be sent to you. Click on the zoom link to attend your MS Online lessons!

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Welcome to Class
MS E-Study Buddy is where online learning at Mind Stretcher takes place. Your child will be able to access weekly notes, practices and assessments developed by our team of curriculum specialists. 

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Small Class Sizes
No different from our regular classes, our class sizes will continue to remain small for your child to receive personalised attention on their learning progress from our teachers. 

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Gamification through Polls & Quizzes
Leveraging on the capabilities of our online teaching tool, we conduct interactive polls and quizzes to interact and engage with your child consistently throughout the lesson. 

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Class schedules

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Mind Stretcher’s Weekly Classes Highlights

Weekly Materials

Mind Stretcher's detailed notes, challenging practices and other high quality materials are crafted to supplement our rigorous curriculum and support our students' learning and revision needs in the classroom and beyond.

Homework Booster
Supplementary worksheets with teacher-guided solutions are provided weekly on Mind Stretcher's E-Study Buddy platform for additional self-practice.
Progress Tracking

Mind Stretcher's Assessment Checkpoints are conducted quarterly and semestrally, to assess students' learning progress for timely intervention. Our Progress Reports analyse strengths, weaknesses and benchmark students within our cohort, which is larger than a few schools combined!

Class Distinction

With 5 levels in our Phonics and Reading course, Achiever and High Achiever distinctions for our Primary courses, and Express/IP and N(A)/G2 class types for our Secondary students, Mind Stretcher Classes are tailored to meet the needs of every student and stretch their potential.

Exam Preparation

Students will be guided to analyse common student mistakes and concept misunderstandings, and learn how to avoid them. They will stay abreast of questions set in examinations as we monitor and analyse trending question types and incorporate them into our comprehensive revision materials that summarise and reinforce important content for exam preparation.

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