Secondary 3 Combined Science

Secondary 3 Combined Science

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No matter your starting point, our Combined Science programme is tailored to build a strong foundation. Students will gain familiarity with concepts and ease into answering questions confidently.

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Programme outline



Build upon knowledge gleaned from Lower Secondary and go more in-depth into Chemistry and Physics


New Science topics are introduced to students, such as Turning Effects of Forces, Chemical Bonding and Mole Concept 


In our Practical class component, students observe and learn science in action through participating in hands-on experiments


Our weekly practice papers enable students to be exposed to multiple choice and structured questions that are designed with tiered difficulty levels


Students learn how to tackle questions with the right question analysis, keywords and answering techniques


Physics: Physical Quantities, Units and Measurement
  • Physical Quantities and Units
  • Measurement of Length and Time
  • Errors in Measurement
Physics: Kinematics
  • Scalar and Vector Quantities
  • Distance and Displacement
  • Speed, Velocity and Acceleration
  • Graphs (Displacement-time, Speed-time)
  • Objects falling under Gravity 
Physics: Forces and Pressure
  • Forces
  • Addition of Scalar and Vector Quantities
  • Effects of Forces on the Motion of an Object
  • Newton's Laws of Motion
  • Free-body Diagrams
  • Pressure 
Physics: Mass, Weight and Density
  • Mass and Weight 
  • Inertia
  • Density 
Physics: Turning Effects of Forces
  • Moments, and Principle of Moments 
  • Centre of Gravity
  • Stability
Physics: Energy, Work and Power
  • Energy and Forms of Energy (with focus on Kinetic Energy and Gravitational Potential Energy) 
  • Principle of Conservation of Energy
  • Work and Power 
Physics: Kinetic Model of Matter
  • Three States of Matter and their Physical Properties
  • Brownian Motion
Physics: Transfer of Thermal Energy
  • Transfer of Thermal Energy, including Conduction, Convection and Radiation 
  • Factors affecting the rate of emission or absorption of Infrared Radiation
  • Applications of Thermal Energy Transfer
Physics: Thermal Properties of Matter
  • Internal Energy
  • Change of State
Physics: Light
  • Reflection and Refraction of Light 
  • Total Internal Reflection
  • Refraction by Thin Lenses
  • Ray Diagrams for Thin Converging Lenses
Chemistry: Experimental Techniques
  • Measurements in Chemistry
  • Collection of Gases
Chemistry: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
  • Elements, Compounds, Mixtures
Chemistry: Separation Techniques
  • Pure Substances and Mixtures
  • Separation Techniques (Solid-Liquid, Solid-Solid, Liquid-Liquid Mixtures)
  • Paper Chromatography
  • Testing Purity of Substances
Chemistry: Kinetic Particle Theory
  • Kinetic Particle Theory
  • States of Matter
  • Changes of State
Chemistry: Atomic Structure
  • Structure of an Atom
  • Proton and Nucleon Numbers
  • Isotopes
  • Electronic Structure, including of Noble Gases 
  • Formation of Ions
Chemistry: Chemical Bonding
  • Chemical Bonds
  • Ionic Bonding
  • Formulae of Ionic Compounds, and their Structure and Properties 
  • Covalent Bonding – Electron Sharing
  • Structure and Physical Properties of Simple Molecular Substances
Chemistry: The Mole Concept
  • Relative Atomic Mass, Relative Molecular Mass and Relative Formula Mass
  • The Mole and Molar Mass
  • Molar Volume of Gases
  • Concentration of Solutions
Chemistry: Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry
  • Chemical Equations
  • Stoichiometry
  • Limiting Reactants
Chemistry: Acids and Bases
  • Acids and their Chemical Properties 
  • Bases and Alkalis and their Chemical Properties 
  • The pH Scale and Indicators 
  • Types of Oxides
Chemistry: The Periodic Table
  • Structure of the Periodic Table
  • Electronic Structure and the Periodic Table
  • Periodic Trends
  • Group Properties - Noble Gases, Alkali Metals, Halogens
Chemistry: Metals
  • Physical Properties of Metals
  • The Reactivity Series and Reactions of Metals
  • Extraction of Metals
  • Rusting
  • Recycling Metals

Lesson plans

Weekly Materials
  • Comprehensive Topical Notes

    Detailed topical notes and concept papers, accompanied by well-illustrated diagrams and worked examples, help solidify students' understanding.

  • Weekly Practice Papers

    Structured weekly practice papers that consist of basic to challenging questions to test mastery of topics, and develop higher-order thinking skills.

  • Hands-on Practicals

    Hands-on experiments and demonstrations to enhance students' understanding.

Homework Booster
  • Homework Booster

    Supplementary worksheets with teacher-guided solutions are provided weekly on Mind Stretcher's E-Study Buddy platform for additional self-practice.

  • Develop Right Answering Techniques

    Develop question analysis skills and answering techniques; use relevant science terminologies and keywords to tackle application-type questions.

Progress Tracking
  • Assessment Checkpoints

    Mind Stretcher's Checkpoints are run quarterly to simulate exam conditions, practice time management, and do papers similar to school assessments.

  • Student Progress Reports

    Mind Stretcher's Progress Reports analyse strengths, weaknesses and benchmark students within our cohort, which is larger than a few schools combined!

Exam Preparation
  • Error Analysis

    Analyse common student mistakes and concept misunderstandings, and learn how to avoid them.

  • Trending Questions

    Stay abreast of questions set in examinations; we monitor and analyse trending question types and incorporate them into our revision materials.

  • Revision Notes

    Comprehensive revision materials that summarises and reinforces important content for exam preparation.

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Course roadmap

Journey through our Secondary Science course

Sec 3 & Sec 4 Combined Science

While the examination requirements for Combined Sciences may appear less intensive than Pure Sciences, students will still need to develop a sound and robust understanding of core concepts to do well in this subject.     

Our Sec 3 and 4 Combined Science programme will help students to consolidate their learning in Physics and Chemistry, and strengthen their foundation. Topical papers and concept notes will be provided to help students internalise the key concepts and formula required for the examinations. Through our weekly practice papers, we will provide close guidance to students to help them build confidence in analysing the questions, and crafting good answers with the use of relevant key-words and terminologies.   

Students will have ample opportunities to practice common and trending O-Level questions, and also hone their time management skills under exam conditions during our regular assessment.

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What our students & parents say about us

Mrs Shum is a very dedicated teacher. She has given me detailed feedback to improve my writing and her lessons are very engaging. I really appreciate the personalised feedback which helps me identify areas I should work on more. She goes the extra mile to share interesting facts every lesson which has helped expand my general knowledge in so many ways. With Mrs Shum's tips and MS Worksheets explaining how to master various components, I'm able to answer questions with greater confidence. Lastly, Mrs Shum cares deeply about our emotional well-being, and she always reminds us that trying our best is more important than the results.

I would like to thank the Chinese Language teacher very much for her effort, concern and encouragement for my child! He is very happy to be in her class and has enjoyed the Chinese Language lessons very much. He has tried his very best in the PSLE examination last year 2022 and his Chinese has improved. The constant encouragement from his Chinese Language teacher makes a difference and goes a long way!  Thank you Mr Kuek and all the teachers very much who has taught him and shared during the online bootcamp and the webinars! We really appreciate the effort, time, love and understanding put into preparation of the examination booklets and materials and staying behind after the online lessons to answer the students' questions! Wishing all the teachers and staff a very Happy blessed year 2023 ahead! 

Parents of U Hian
Dear Mrs Shum, thank you so much for all the guidance and support you’ve given me since i joined ms. Since i joined at a pretty late stage, i didn’t expect myself to acquire so much valuable knowledge that allowed me to learn English from a whole new perspective, as well as to perceive life in many different aspects. Thank you for always being so generous in sharing with us your personal experiences that engaged us during class, and making English such a fun subject for us explore the wonders of it! Thank you for taking the extra mile to further support me in English Literature as well, it really has been very useful!! It has truly been an eye-opening experience learning from you and I will remember these lessons as part of the unforgettable memories of learning in this subject❤️🥰

Mrs Shum is a caring teacher who is concerned about her students and their well-being. She has helped me improve in my English and has always been very caring towards me. She stresses on our mental health and has encouraged us a lot. Her teaching is amazing and i love how she shares interesting facts related to the topic we were studying and she exposed us to the basics of general paper too. To add, Mrs Shum gives specific feedback on our work which allowed us to know what we can improve on. The MS comprehension worksheets were also of great help as they allow me to know how to answer certain questions in a straightforward manner. Mrs Shum marks quite strictly which also further prepared me well for the O-levels where the marking is usually more lenient. As a result, I learnt how to do better and could gauge where i stand. Mrs Shum also made me realise that i was better in personal recount essays which allowed me to do well in the O-levels. Overall, MS worksheets were of great help and useful with specific tips and strategies. Thank you so much.

Sevvel Selvam
Hi Ms Mavis, I would like to thank you for the teaching. Your lessons are engaging and I can always focus on it. I still remember vividly your patience when answering all my questions. Even though I have a lot of questions, you still answer them using your best effort which I appreciate very much. You are a great teacher 👍 Thank you very much and wish you a great year ahead !

Tao Weiqi
Dear Mr Alvin, Just want to text you to say "Thank you for all you have done for all the kids! Elvyn scored AL6 for his 2022 PSLE!“ A special mention to Teacher Meili, Teacher Audrey, Teacher Ryan and 丁老师。Not only were they never annoyed by his endless questions and constant requests for ways to improve himself, they guided him and encouraged him to do more and better. We are so blessed to have met all of you! I had introduced friends to send their kids to MS and will surely help to promote MS in the future too!

Mother of Elvyn Ee
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