Our Pre-Kindergarten programme is an immersive experience for young pre-schoolers to spark their love for learning, nurture their creativity and to equip them with core foundational skills in reading & writing.

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Phonics and Reading
170 SGD / month

Early education is key to shaping young pre-schoolers' attitudes towards learning. Our Phonics & Reading programme stimulates their joy for reading through stories and interactive activities

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Thank you Teacher Lucia for teaching Ming Xuan during the Phonics and P1 Prep classes – you always ensure Ming Xuan is attentive and engaged during lessons. Very much appreciated!

Parent of Chong Ming Xuan
Kevin has been with Teacher Lucia since three years old, and he will start Primary school next year. Thanks for teaching him Phonics, K2 English & Math!

Parent of Kevin Zhang Chengrui
Dear Teacher Lucia, thank you for teaching Marilyn. With your guidance, Marilyn is now able to read and write confidently. This would not have been possible without your good teaching.

Parent of Wong Qian Ying Marilyn
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Why Mind Stretcher

A handcrafted, painstakingly developed system for mastery

Tailored and Differentiated
Tailored and Differentiated

Mind Stretcher Classes cater and stretch the potential of all students, regardless of whether they are high achievers, achievers or those students who are building their foundation.

Mastery as a priority
Mastery as a priority

Mind Stretcher’s proprietary Student Progress Tracking system  ("Checkpoint") identifies knowledge gaps, benchmarks students within our cohort and personalises action plans for improvement.

Holistic and Timely
Holistic and Timely

Beyond our weekly classes, Mind Stretcher runs targeted Edu-Workshops, Edu-Webinars & Bootcamps in a wide array of domains (academic & non-academic) to further guide and inspire our students in their education journey.


Mind Stretcher Online enables students to enjoy top-quality, live interactive classes from home. Furthermore, Mind Stretcher’s e-Study Buddy platform gives students access to studio-quality recording of classes recorded by our Master Teachers!

Affordable for everyone
Affordable for everyone

We believe that everyone should have access to quality education, regardless of background. Even as we deliver some of the most comprehensive and effective educational programmes in the market, we remain affordable as we try our best to help as many students as possible.

Proven A* Track Record
Proven A* Track Record

Since our genesis in 2002, we have been the Education Partner of choice for many students & their parents. More than 150,000 students (and counting) have walked through our doors. Our excellent track record over the years says it all.

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