Hear from our parents and students

Teacher Han will make an effort to inform/ talk to parents after the lesson on the topics she had taught on that day. She will also update parents on their how is the progress on their child during the lesson.

Parent of Tisha Lim
Thank you Teacher Lucia for teaching Ming Xuan during the Phonics and P1 Prep classes – you always ensure Ming Xuan is attentive and engaged during lessons. Very much appreciated!

Parent of Chong Ming Xuan
Teacher Han is a good teacher. She shows patience to her students. Niklaus loves her teaching, and with hanyupinyin, his Chinese has improved.

Parent of Niklaus Kay Choon Giap
Thank you Teacher for your dedication in making sure that Claire is able to understand the lessons. I was told that she really enjoys your P1 Prep Chinese classes.

Parent of Claire Tan Zi Xuan
I would like to compliment Teacher Yixuan for being patient when teaching my son Chinese and explaining to me in detail each class as I don’t know Chinese at all.

Parent of Jovan Lim
Teacher Lucia is patient and kind. She went the extra mile to observe my child's progress and has helped her to gain more confidence when interacting with teachers and peers.

Parent of Leong Xin Ning, Hailey
Thank you Teacher Lucia for guiding Olivia! She has improved tremendously in reading and speaking after attending your lessons. Your lessons are fun, and Olivia looks forward to every class.

Parent of Olivia Ong En Qi
Teacher Lucia is caring, supportive, and conducts the K2 lessons well! My girl enjoys her lessons and looks forward to attending them! The programme has helped build my child's confidence.

Parent of Raeanne Wong
Kobe loves and enjoys every class! Teacher Alicia always goes the extra mile to help him whenever he misses classes.

Parent of Kobe Liu
Kevin has been with Teacher Lucia since three years old, and he will start Primary school next year. Thanks for teaching him Phonics, K2 English & Math!

Parent of Kevin Zhang Chengrui
Dear Teacher Lucia, thank you for teaching Marilyn. With your guidance, Marilyn is now able to read and write confidently. This would not have been possible without your good teaching.

Parent of Wong Qian Ying Marilyn
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