Holiday Programmes

Mid-Year June Holiday Programmes

Our myriad of thoughtfully-crafted holiday enrichment programmes encourages your child to discover their passions and talents. Build strategic thinking with Chess, boost confidence in Speaking, and hone logical thinking with STEAM. Explore our exciting suite of holiday programmes and find the best fit for your child today.
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Programmes for All Students

The World of International Chess
The Art and Science of Public Speaking
Solve Real-World Challenges with STEAM and Robotics
Oriental World of XiangQi Chinese Chess

Sneak Peek of Our Programmes

International Chess
Led by top Chess masters, engage in live Chess gameplay, solve captivating puzzles, and participate in real-time discussions that bring the game to life. Unleash your child’s inner chess champion at our competition!
Public Speaking and Debate
Build and hone strong fundamentals in public speaking and debate, and help your child overcome their nerves and speak with unwavering confidence. Showcase your oratorical skills and witness other student speakers in action at the competition!
STEAM and Robotics
From a multitude of sustainability and environmental challenges, engineering experiments, to constructing robots with robotics and coding, your child gets creative with designing unconventional solutions for real-world challenges!
XiangQi Chinese Chess
Master basic Xiangqi rules, engage in tactical problem-solving through interactive exercises, and lay a solid foundation for strategic thinking and gameplay. Embark on our Xiangqi competition where strategy meets fun on the XiangQi board!

More programmes, more discounts

Enjoy 10% off 2 programmes, 15% off 3 programmes, and 20% off 4 or more programmes.