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A Personalised Learning & Structured Guidance Approach Why study Economics? A-Level Economics is a broad-ranging subject which covers a wide spectrum of economic issues and examines the dynamic forces that drive changes in market prices, shape government and business strategy and inform interactions among different countries. The objective of this subject is to encourage JC students to adopt multiple perspectives to understand myriad real-world economic issues. Given the linkages of Economics to current affairs and global developments, a sound knowledge of Economics will imbue students with a practical life-skill and analytical mindset that will serve them well in life beyond their JC education. To do well in the Economics subject at A-Level, students need to have a good mastery and understanding of Economics content, and a robust command of the analytical toolkit to analyse and evaluate real-world economic issues. Students should also have the ability to write precisely and effectively to articulate well-balanced and well-reasoned economic arguments.

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4-Lesson/6-lesson Module Fee  (for Aug-Sep Run)


To help students cope with the rigour of the Economics syllabus, our lessons have been structured in a modular manner, and are based on a personalised and structured guidance approach.

Each module will cover a key topic in the Economics curriculum, spanning both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. There are seven (7) Economics modules in total.


Module Dates

Price Mechanism & its application

8 Aug - 12 Sep 2022 (6 Mon)

7.30pm - 9.30pm

Market Failure

16 Aug - 6 Sep 2022 (4 Tue)

7.30pm - 9.30pm

Macroeconomic Aims & Issues

4 Aug - 8 Sep 2022 (6 Thu)

7.30pm - 9.30pm

Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis

5 Aug - 9 Sep 2022 (6 Fri)

7.30pm - 9.30pm


Key features of our unique mind-stretching approach for Economics
  • Voluminous Economics content have been distilled into concise, targeted and easy-to-follow summary notes, with focus on the concepts that are more “examination-useful” for students;
  • Strategic emphasis on good techniques & practices in analysing Economic examination questions; and
  • Materials / Curriculum provides a structured and effective framework to guide students in formulating their answers (for both Economics Case Study questions & essays).
Our lessons have been designed such that JC students will be able to maximise their score for the Economics Paper by
  • Building a strong foundation by mastering the key fundamental concepts in Economics;
  • Sharpening their analytical skills and techniques that are required to tackle challenging questions in JC exams & the A-Level Economics Paper; and
  • Cultivating interest in Economics so that learning becomes fun, practical and effective.
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