Secondary Mathematics (Lower Sec)

A. Unique Features of Programme

This programme prepares students for the demands of Upper Secondary Mathematics.

This Math programme aims to

  • develop cognitive and metacognitive skills through problem-solving
  • develop proficiencies in the application of Mathematical concepts and skills
  • develop the ability to communicate mathematical ideas and arguments logically, precisely and concisely
  • provide opportunities for students to make connections of concepts learnt to real life
  • provide a positive learning experience to inculcate positive attitudes and confidence towards Mathematics

The Math programme seeks to address

  • students’ difficulties in understanding concepts and abstract ideas taught
  • the importance of showing clear explanations when solving any Math questions
  • the need to acquire time-management skill when answering Math questions
  • common mistakes made during tests/examinations through error analysis

B. Teaching Methodology

  • students will be taught, step-by-step, the way to tackle difficult questions
  • students will experience differentiated learning through ample amount of level-tiered (basic, intermediate and advanced) questions given in the worksheets
  • students will get to learn through hands-on activities and/or games to learn about the application of concepts in a real-life context
  • Revision Exercises and Mock Papers are given in a timely manner to cater to assessment schedules in schools
  • Progressive feedback will be given to students/parents to improve the students’ learning
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