Primary Science

Science is a breeze if you grasp its key concepts.

Our Primary Science programme is well known for its academic rigour and practical relevance.  With interactive and detailed notes (hard copy and online via MS e-Study Buddy), hands-on exercises and up-to-date question sets, we prepare our students not only to excel in Science examinations in schools and the PSLE, but also to appreciate Science as a subject in our everyday world.

Based on a structured syllabus that combines theoretical and practical instruction, our Primary Science curriculum makes the learning of Science both fun and interesting. By engaging our students intellectually and stimulating them to contemplate deeply about scientific principles, this two-pronged approach nurtures their inquiring mind and a lifelong passion for the subject.

High achievers and GEP students will be exposed to higher-order science questions to stimulate & challenge them. This will stretch their boundaries of understanding in this fascinating subject.

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