This comprehensive Chemistry programme is catered to Secondary 3 and O-Level students taking Pure Chemistry. The aim and objectives of this programme is to engage students in active learning and stimulate their curiosity to  make sense of the science around them. This is done using the CREED approach:

  • Conceptualise
  • Relate
  • Elaborate
  • Evaluate
  • Driven Learner

The Secondary Science programme will be conducted based on the following:

  1. Inquiry-based Teaching and Learning Framework
    • MS framework is aligned with O-Level syllabus
    • Students are encouraged by asking questions, they will be participating in active learning to participate in cooperative learning and discussion
    • Students will also participate in hands-on activities and out the knowledge in practice
  2. Skills-based Techniques to Answer Questions
    • Exposure to examination-style practice papers to build students’skills and confidence in answering MCQ and structured questions which are more challenging to tackle
    • Teachers guide students with tips and teach helpful answering techniques for students to apply the skills and communicate clearly in Science papers
  3. Use of Real-life Applications
    • Such applications will help students make the connections between concepts that they have studied and relate it to real-life situations
    • This is especially important as such questions are modeled after real-life applications and uses. This gives students mire exposure so that they can tackle challenging examination questions

To provide a wholesome learning for students, and ensure that the teaching focuses on the what (content) and how (process) of conceptual understanding, the following are the teaching methodology that is used:

  1. Lesson Notes 
    • Covers learning objectives, key concepts, real-life examples and videos for clearer understanding for the students
    • Questions are posted to students for reflection and peer discussion
  2. Practicals/Teacher Demo
    • Hands-on activities will be used to apply/reinforce concepts to make discoveries and build experimental skills
    • The use of questioning is done to engage students
  3. Concept Papers
    • This will be given to students to create their own mind maps with the help of keywords or answering simple questions to recall important concepts
    • Reinforces keywords and concepts and improves retention of science concepts
    • It also helps students to organise concepts and make relevant links
  4. Practice Papers
    • These papers are of varying levels to provide higher-order thinking questions to stretch students’ abilities and at the same time test the students’ understanding
    • It is also seen as a form of assessment that usually covers more than 1 topic
    • This will be done individually by teach of the students and guidance can be given if needed
    • This will help students build better answering techniques, identify areas of strengths, weaknesses and clarify misconceptions through feedback and evaluation
  5.  Semestral Assessments (SA)
    • Time will be set aside for revision and semestral assessments. There will be 2 SAs per academic year
    • This will be conducted under simulated exam conditions
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