Effective Learning is Key!

Mrs Gan

Ms Grace and Ms Meili & Staff of Katong (MS @ Katong)

I want to thank Ms Grace and Ms Meili for their patience, guidance and professionalism given to my daughter. The last few months proceeding to the PSLE exams were filled with weekly intensive revision and both Ms Grace and Ms Meili were always so reassuring and encouraging to my daughter as well as to me. I am very sure their teaching techniques, emotional support, dedication and commitment have, in no small way, contributed to my daughter's excellent academic performance at the 2016 PSLE exams. All your staff at the Katong 112 outlet have helped my daughter one way or another to mature to what she is right now. The dedication given by your very passionate and motivated teachers and staff at Katong 112 has truly convinced me that Mind Stretcher is indeed one of the very best enrichment centre in Singapore.

Mr and Mrs Lim

Parent of Pat Lim (MS @ Clementi)

Our daughter is attending Science enrichment classes at Mind Stretcher. She thoroughly enjoys her lessons and looks forward to attending the class every week. The teacher is extremely thorough with his explanation of the course content and the corrections for the assignments to ensure the entire class understands what he has taught. Indeed, it has been a very positive and wonderful learning experience for our daughter, Pat.